18:00 ~ 22:00(OS 21:30)  ■表示価格は全て税別です

course menu

Family set

・Sweet and sour pork
・Mabo tofu
・Gome fried rice
・Corn soup
・Handmade almond jelly

Family and friends
Recommended for groups!

For 3 people ¥5,000
(1 person added)  plus ¥1,650

Ichioshi set

・ Crab claw fly
・Spring roll
・ Stir-fried egg with baby scallops
・Mabo tofu
・ Toriten sweet vinegar
・ Gome fried rice
・vegetable soup
・ Handmade almond jelly

Recommended for friends and couples!

For 2 people \5,000
(one person \2500)


Stir-fried beef and peppers

Shrimp chili sauce

With chicken Stir-fried cashew nuts

sweet and sour pork

twice cooked pork

Stir fried scallop egg

Leek pig

Stir-fried octopus

Toriten chicken Sweet Vinegar

Jellyfifish salad
※Reservation required

Stewed crab meat and shark fin
※Takes time

Crab miso soup
※Takes time

Happo greens ¥900

Fried pork leg ¥630

vegetable salad ¥600

Crab and egg sauce ¥1,050
※Takes time

Fried rice with ankake crab
※Takes time

Fried rice with shiitake mushrooms

Shanghai Fried noodles

Ankake Fried noodles
※Takes time

Gomoku soba
※Takes time

Crab fried rice

Small basket parcel
4 pieces ¥650
※Takes time 14 minutes

Fried spring roll
2 pieces ¥360

Handmade almond jelly

Alcohol knob
Beef crepe wrap
3 pieces ¥600

・Sesame dumpling 4p ieces ¥600
・Crispy sweet potato candy ¥830
・corn soup ¥700
・Egg soup with vegetables ¥700

●In our restaurant, we use Oita Prefecture’s shiitake mushrooms and shrimp and crustacean oils for
other dishes. Please ask in advance about foods that ma cyause allergies.

「Carefully selected materials」Reservation required

one person

Crab miso soup course


Peking duck course


Red snapper Steamed course


Shark fin with dried scallop course


Swallow’s nest course


※Each course can be booked from 2 people

「Festive dining table」

Available from 3 people
one person

The photo is an sample image of the “festive table”

All courses are available with 9 to 10 items, but the number of items varies depending on the number of people etc.

Depending on your budget and number of people, we can provide consultation on cooking content.

Please make a reservation for this required course at least 2 days in advance